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How should a presentation letter be written?
It is very important, before applying to any job, to remember that as you, there are many people with the same pretentions. This is why you have to find the way of making yourself interesting and become one of the favorite candidates in the eyes of the one in charge of selecting the staff. The presentation letter is a document that makes this task easier, as long as it has been written efficiently and with a strategy.


The presentation letter must present no mistake or ambiguities. It must be a short and interesting text, because its purpose is to make the staff manager willing to read the curriculum without hesitations. You must be really careful with the writing, spelling and grammar.

These are some tips to take into consideration before applying to a company.

Try to find out the name of the person you are directing yourself to, and his or her position in the company. Avoid addressing to a particular department.

The first thing you should do when writing is using short phrases. In the first paragraph of the letter you must explain where the work proposal was found, the day in which it was published and the spot you are aiming to get in the company.

In the second paragraph you must keep going with the presentation; by this, meaning to talk about your professional training and your work experience.

In this part of the text you should highlight some aspects more than others, avoiding sounding pretentious or showy. In this way, the interested one will know the applier’s abilities and capacities.

how to make cover letters,download free cover letter template

Then it is very important to mention why you are interested in the company, the area and the particular spot you are applying to. Last but not least, it is also necessary to suggest an interview. You must be really creative in the closing of the letter, and avoid the cliché “I will wait for your call”.
Here is an example of some aspects that should be highlighted in a presentation letter:


Cover letter sample 1:

First Century bancshares Inc.
Ing. James Crosby
450 W. 33 Street, New York, NY 10001
New York, United States of america
Dear Mr. Crosby,
I am really excited with the financial assistant spot that your company is offering in the New York Times.

I have a degree in business administration in the New York University and I have recently finished my professional practices in the area of Treasury in the bank of america.

I own the theoretical knowledge of all the economic laws and I have a great interest in administration and financial management from the most important bank in New York, such as First Century bancshares, with more than 125 years of experience.

This position suits me perfectly and I would be thrilled of occupying it as soon as I am told to. If you need more information I would be pleased of talking to you through the phone or through an e-mail. I expect to meet you soon.
My best regards,
John Doe

Cover letter sample 2:
Grand Hotel Exclusives
Mr.Jhon Rainor
33 w. 78 Street,San Diego,ca

Dear sir:

May these first lines be to extend to you cordial greetings and at the same time wish you success in your everyday activities. The purpose of my message is to send you my résumé in order to apply, within your prestigious company, to positions such as Restaurant Manager, Manager assistant or Heat Waiter, because I have both studies and work experience.

I thank you for all the attention you may give to this message.

Yours truly,
Peter Wood

Cover letter sample 3:
To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Tom Smith and I'm applying for the position of "bartender”. I received my bartending certificate last year from New york bartending school show. I'm familiar with modern bartending techniques, which include the following styles: american, International Classic, and Tropical. I have experience bartending in a variety of venues: birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.

bartending is more than just a job for me, it's a passion. I love providing the customers with a delightful experience while I'm working. bartending is an enjoyable and gratifying profession; however, that does not mean that one can take her duties lightly. I have a strong work ethic that includes being responsible, dedicated, and above all, committed to providing excellent customer service.

I'm always working to improve myself in every aspect of my personal and professional life. There is always more to learn! Thank you for considering my application.

Tom Smith

Cover letter sample 4:
Grand Hotel El Dorado
General Manager Mr.Jhon Smith
30 w. 80 Street,San Jose,ca

Dears gentlemen :

Receive a cordial Greeting.

I am interested to be part of your company, your team. I would like to work with you in any position , if I could decide my position I will prefer as an assistant manager to continue improving my personal and professional skills in hotel management. My last employed in "Hotel Starauss", was as event´s and service marketing manager. I accepted these position to acquired experience and improve my professional skills. My experience in this position has afforded me the opportunity to become familiar with food and beverage process and customer service in different areas operative and commercial.

Start my career on your Hotel would be my first step to become true all my proyects.

Finally I want to thank you for your expression of interest. I enclosed my resume that provides more details about my experiences, skill and abilities. If you have any questions or require additional information, feel free to contact me.

I will be happy to hear news from you soon.
Thanks in advanced


Lina Thompson

Cover letter sample 5:

December, 30, 2008
International suplies Inc.
Ing. Peter Pawn
450 W. 33 Street, New York, NY 10001
New York, United States of america
Dear Mr. Pawn:

My name is  Jack belfonti ,I possess a bachelors Degree of Science in Industrial Engineering. I also have taken some courses to improve my career, for example: Computerizad PLS-caDD for Transmission Line Design, Project Management, Management and Production, Design of reels for Transformers of Distribution.

I have been working in worldwide projects ,with the most important Usa and Italians companies for 15 years.

I had under my responsibility the coordination and supervision of these proyects.

I would like to further discuss my work experience; I believe my knowledge would be of some interest towards your company. I may be reached at (123) 456789

I am looking forward to discussing the position with you.

Jack belfonti

Cover letter sample 6:
July, 30, 2009
International Industries Inc.
Ing. Robert Shaw,General manager
450 W. 33 Street, New York, NY 10001
New York, United States of america
July, 2009

Dear Sir:

are you spending too much time handling administrative tasks? Would you like to free yourself from tedious detail work so you can focus on building your business? If the answer is yes, then we should speak. I offer a seventeen-year track record in office management and administrative support.

You will benefit from my following key strengths:

Computer expertise, with proficiency in all MS Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Sap).

broad-based experience covering a full spectrum of administrative duties, including executive support, office management, billing/invoicing, customer care, account management, database administration, document preparation, travel/meeting coordination and project/program support.

Superior multitasking talents, with the ability to manage multiple high priority assignments and develop solutions to challenging business problems.

a proven reputation, with a consistent history of exemplary performance reviews and recognition for driving efficiency improvements to office systems, workflows and processes.

I am confident that if you hire me as your administrative assistant, you will have more time and energy to concentrate on growing your business. My resume is enclosed for your review, and I will follow up with you in a few days to discuss your administrative support needs. You may also call me at (001) 123-45678 or email me at Thank you for your time, and have a great day.


Sandy Redford

Cover letter sample 7:

December, 05, 2008

International cuises line
Mr: Robert bellford
500 Clinton Dr.
Queens, Ny

Dear Mr bellford:

I wish to apply a position available in your cruise line.
My enclosed resume provides you with an overview of my relevant experience and training. I have over 8 years of experience working in the hotel industry,and a solid commitment to this important customer field. My most recent position has given me 5 years supervisory experience as team leader of a diverse staff.

I wish to build on these achievements and take on a management role on that field. To assist me on this goal I have completed seminars along my career in managing customer service. I can now offer you a combination of practical experience and up-to-date theoretical knowledge.

I’d be delighted to discuss my application further with you. I can be easily Contacted by phone or e mail.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Jane Muller

Cover letter sample 8:
Milan, MI, Zip Code; 0123654

Phone Number; 123456789
Cell Phone Number; 123558789


Dear Mr.
I am applying for the position posted on, at your convenience, I'd appreciate the opportunity to discuss the position and my candidacy with you. You can find my resume attached to this e-mail.

I am looking to bring you my experience and knowledge, my good attitude, disposition and adaptability for this job.

Pertinent experience and skills for the posted position include:

-abilities to interpret plans and technical information, creating designs and developing products following their productive process.

-Skills to find solutions to the problems changing focus to look for a different point of view, and, also brainstorm technique.

-Proficiency to work with in different company areas, with a special focus in production area.

-aptitude for estimation of costing and control of technical information using spreadsheets.

-Open to do whatever sort of capacitation and disposed to relocate when it is necessary.

-Strong abilities drawing in 3D mainly using autocad. (I have done a special course in this area), However, I have knowledge in other softwares such as "Solidedit", "3d Studio Max”.

-also, I desire constantly accomplish goals, applying my experience and analytical skill to find improvement.

I'd love to find out more about the position you're looking to fill, and I would welcome the opportunity to tell you how my skills and ideas can be of benefit. I can be reached at 123456899 (office) or

Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your Sincerely,
Mike Tompson

Cover letter sample 9:
New York, NY, Zip Code; 0123654

Phone Number; 123456789
Cell Phone Number; 123558789

Dear Sir:

I’m applying for any entrance position job. Let me inform to you that I am interested in it, and please consider my résumé.

as a student English and French language in canada, I believe that it could be a great opportunity to give the better of mine to your company, and it’s a good chance to give and develop my skills, talents, and professional life.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss any entrance position with you, and I will be in contact to you if you need others informations. Thank you for your consideration.

Paul adams

Cover letter sample 10:
New York, NY, Zip Code; 0123654

Phone Number; 123456789
Cell Phone Number; 123558789

Dear Sir:
I really consider myself as a person with excellent communication skills and an aptitude for customer service, I always try to focus on providing high quality service and respond to the customers needs, also I am capable to work with all types of people as I have the background and experiences that allow me to treat people fairly and equally. I believe that my communication skills, partnered with my knowledge, would make me an asset for any company.

During my internship as a marketing assistant with Enterprices Com ( New Zealand ), I effectibly managed broad areas of sales and marketing from building and maintaining key customers. With a background in offices assistant and field sales, I am able to view situations from multiple perspectives, and the ability to maximize opportunities. I really consider myself a provider of practical solutions that would help to solve any inconvenient.

Creatively I enjoy brainstorming on innovative ideas that take into considerations target markets, advertising strategies, and shifts in the company that have a direct impact on consumers. I am confident that I would make a significant contribution to the success of any project of a company.

I think I have the criteria and integrity that is needed to make part of a team and although I do not have much work experience I will make sure to give that little extra that is needed to succeed.

Thank you for your review and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Mark Timpson

Cover letter sample 11:
New York, NY, Zip Code; 0123654

Phone Number; 123456789

Cell Phone Number; 123558789


Human Resources Department
I am writing to present my resume. I will appreciate if you can go through my Curriculum details, and verify if I accomplish the requirements needs to be part of the group of professionals you consider interesting to represent.

In case you have any question about my curriculum, I can provide any supporting document. You can contact me through my e-mail.
Thanks for the time you dedicate to study my application. It will be a pleasure to me to work for you or represent you if that is the case.
best regards.

John Philips

Cover letter sample 12:
New York, NY, Zip Code; 0123654

Phone Number; 123456789
Cell Phone Number; 123558789

James Marshal

To whom it might concern;

I am interested in expanding my professional horizons by seeking new challenges in the area.
I consider myself an outstanding individual that would like to join your team. I have a passion for value creativity, accept accountability (we all know things never work out all the time), and understand the need to never accept the status quo. I like companies that encourage the unleashing of curiosity to develop new ideas and solutions at all levels to succeed.

I do have high energy, enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, and a love for teamwork.

and I have enclosed my resume for your review and consideration.
Thank you for your time. I look forward to hear from you soon!


James Marshal

Cover letter sample 13:

New York, NY, Zip Code; 0123654

Phone Number; 123456789
Cell Phone Number; 123558789
Email; Maria

Maria Gomez

To Whom it May Concern.

My name is Maria Gomez and I am from argentina. I want to express to you my great interest in pursuing a job opportunity in canada.
I am a very outgoing person, I love working with people and have a very positive energy. I have a bachelor's Degree in Hotel Management from a university in France and Speak fluent English, Spanish and French.

I would be extremely grateful if my resume could be considered for such an opportunity. I will welcome the possibility to discuss my application in greater detail. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

best Regards,
Maria Gomez

Cover letter sample 14:
May 3th, 2014

To whom it may concern:

I am an architect specialized in Project Management, graduated from the school of architecture at National University of Milan (Italy) and also finished a master in construction administration at NYU (Usa).

as a professional, I want to concentrate my career in the areas regarding construction and architectural project management and be part of a company that is an industrial leader and contribute to a growing organization.

Therefore, I would like to offer you my professional services to assist in any position in architectural or construction management.

I'm a self-motivated, willing to learn and work candidate. I appreciate your time and look forward to be considered for a position.

Sincerely yours,

James O'Neil

Cover letter sample 15:

april 19, 2014

Dear Host Company:

as of June 2007, I completed my bachelor of Science in chemistry granted by the University of "La Sapienza! , Italy.

During my time at University, I studied analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, engineering chemistry, calculus, inorganic chemistry, environment and biochemistry. I am confident that these will contribute to my future career goals.

Over the past few years, I have worked for various companies in order to gain experience.  as a result of working hard I managed to get good experience in leading people, presentation skills, and also took part in Resources Department. During this time, I exceeded my employer’s performance expectations as confirmed by the company in 2010.

I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my resume.

Sincerely yours,

Tina Turner

Cover letter sample 16:

June 3th, 2014

To whom it may concern:

after reading your internet ad, I have noticed that the match between my personal skills and qualifications to work successfully in your company is perfect. I am sure that the wishes to improve my life quality besides to my solid technical knowledge make me a great candidate for this program, In addition, I do believe I can properly complete this process in a complete and effective way.

by this time I have conclude a master degree in chemical engineering . I have focused my academic line and research projects in environmental issues because I consider it represents the prior challenges all over the world.

I consider myself a perfect candidate; I believe I have the complete requirements to be part of your team, it is just a matter of one opportunity to show the potential that I get.

I am pretty interest in this job, so I beg you to consider my profile and papers to become part of your company. I will be glad to hear about you soon; my personal data is listed above, please feel free to ask for additional information, documents or any recommendations, I will send it to you briefly

Thank you for your time and attention.

Ron Taylor


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