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how to fly cheap,tips to fly cheap,cheap flights,cheap flights within usa,cheap flights within europe

How to fly cheap?

For some years now, “low cost”. Airlines have become a threat to traditional airline companies. “Low cost”. flights or cheap flights, due to the aid of the Internet, have turned themselves into the most recurrent way of flying in the world of travel.



Online, there are hundreds of web pages offering cheap flights in Europe and in the United States. The “low cost”. Airline seekers offer a list with all their flights, with the city of departure and destination chosen. You only need to introduce the city from departure, the destination, the dates and the number of tickets you need. They are not as the online travel agencies.

Low cost flights have great acceptance in first class countries. The first “low cost”. company was the american, Pacific Southwest airlines, which started its flights in 1949. Four decades later, at the beginnings of the nineties, the revolutionary way of travelling for a cheaper price reached Europe.

Since then, countless airlines have been seeking the way of reducing their costs in order to be able of offering more economic flights. Sometimes with success, others, without it. The truth is that, nowadays “low cost”. flights have reached new horizons, including australia, asia, arabia Saudi and Mexico.
Currently, the two low-cost most known European airlines are: the british, Easy Jet and the Irish, Ryanair. Last year, Ryanair, founded in 1991, was the one that hold more travellers (about 57,5 million passengers).

The tendency of this way of flying is to keep on cutting off the prices and reducing services. This is the main characteristic of “low cost”. flights.


For this, they sell tickets directly through the Internet or use only one model of airplanes. besides, unlike traditional airlines, “low cost”. companies offer only one class of passenger and arrive in secondary, less congested airports. Every day this companies seek for the way of making their prices even lower.

but, due to the appereance of more “low cost”. airlines, this companies are not only competing against traditional airlines, but also against each other. This is how some “low cost”. companies seek to be different from the rest and rather offer first class tickets or extra services such as satellite T.V.

although a cheap flight cannot be compared with the comforts of a traditional one, it is a way of travelling that allows you to get anywhere you want, the times that you like and in a pretty easy way.

Low cost airlines for European flights: 

aegean airlines
Flights within Greece (home base) and Greece to Western Europe

aer arann
Flights within Ireland (home base) and from Ireland to England, Scotland

air Southwest
Flights within England (home base)new regional airline  air services to and from Devon , Cornwall and Somerset. We are based in Plymouth Devon.

Flights between Scotland (home base) and France, Italy, Spain,airline offering flights to European leisure destinations from Scotland.

Flights between England (home base London) and Denmark, France, Greece, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Ulster, - book cheap flights, hotels and car hire online.

bMI baby
Flights between England (home base) and Czech Rep., France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Wales,bmibaby the low cost airline with tiny fares - cheap flights .Cheap flights at, the low cost airline with tiny fares provides cheap flights and an online booking service to holiday and business destinations.

air Scotland
Flights between Scotland (home base) and Spain,air Scotland was a low-cost airline based in Glasgow, Scotland. It operated scheduled services from Glasgow International airport, and other UK airports, to the Mediterranean and athens using the air operator's certificate of Greece airways

Excel airways
Flights from England (home base) and Scotland to Egypt, France, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Turkey , Cheap flights and cheap holidays to Europe, Egypt and the ...- Find special offers, book cheap flights and cheap holidays online Flights from major UK airports to a range of destinations.

Flights between Ireland (home base Dublin) and France, Greece, Portugal, Spain
De goedkoopste vliegtickets, hotels en huurauto's. Vergelijk goedkope vliegtickets  - ook low cost - en boek meteen je hotel en huurauto online.

how to fly cheap,tips to fly cheap,cheap flights,cheap flights within usa,cheap flights within europe

air baltic
Flights between home bases Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania) and austria, belarus, belgium, Czech Rep., Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine,airbaltic - Go to the baltics! Cheap flights to Riga, Vilnius ...-airbaltic - airline offering cheap flights to Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Minsk, Moscow, St Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Kiev, Odessa, Simferopol, Dnepropetrovsk.

air berlin
Flights within Germany and from Germany (home base berlin) to austria, Cyprus, Egypt, England, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey,air berlin operates flights to major European cities, as well as to the most popular holiday resorts around the Mediterranean, on the canary Islands and in North africa. The airline also has a dense network of domestic flights between German cities.

air Finland
Flights within Finland (home base Helsinki) and from Finland to France, Italy, Spain,air Finland operates cost effectively and flies only to the most popular holiday destinations among our Finnish customers. We are therefore able to offer very price competitive flights without having to compromise the quality of service and travel comfort.

alpi Eagles
Flights within Italy (home base Venice) ,International flights have only an economy class Departure date and time for tickets can be changed with validity period of one year Route schedule can be altered by paying the difference to the high flexible fare for the new itinerary.

Itali airlines
Flights within Italy and Italy - Croatia v.v.Itali airlines consente di raggiungere gli aeroporti di Roma Fiumicino, Milano Malpensa, Milano Linate, Torino e Reggio calabria direttamente dalll'aeroporto d'abruzzo di Pescara. Oltre ai voli di linea offre collegamenti stagionali con Olbia, bastia (Corsica) e Pisa.

Windjet Vola
Flights within Italy (home base Sicily) Societá che effettua voli low cost in Europa. Presenta la mappa delle destinazioni, l'orario e la flotta.

Flights from Italy (home base) to albania, Greece, Turkey, routes from the 2007 are only International Flight from Tirana to : Milano Malpensa, bergamo - Orio al Serio, Verona, Pisa, Forli, Roma Fiumicino, bari, Firenze, Genova, Perugia, Venezia-Treviso, Trieste, e Pristina.
For the winter season October 28th 2007 - March 29th 2008 routes are increased with International Flights from Prisitna to: bergamo - Orio al Serio, Roma Fiumicino, Venezia-Treviso, Frankoforte Hahn, Munchen, Liegi, Zurigo, Geneva.

Flights between Switzerland (home base Geneva) and Czech Rep., France, Italy, Spain,Flybaboo, a swiss airline Geneva based company, proposes its flight and european airfare. trip to switzerland,flight to St-Petersbourg,flight to rome, flight to figari,flight to ajaccio, flight to marseille, flight to naples, flight to biarritz, trip to ibiza, flight to valencia, geneva airfare, flight to florence,flight to olbia, trip to france, flight to spain, switzerland airfare.

Flights within Italy and Rome (home base Rome) to austria, France, Germany, Libya,Voli da e per Roma Fiumicino, Milano Malpensa, bari, bologna, Grenoble, Lione, Monaco, Nizza, Vienna, Tripoli.

Flights within Finland and from Finland (home base Helsinki) to belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, – Fly blue1 . Fly in Finland, Scandinavia and Europeblue1, a Finnish regional airline part of the SaS Group offering more than 120 nonstop flights daily.

blue air
Flights between Romania (home base) and France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey,blue air is the first Romanian airline that operated low-cost flights with 100% Romanian private capital.The company flew for the first time on aurel Vlaicu International airport (located at 10 km from the city centre) on December 13th, 2004.

Flights between Poland (home base) and Czech Rep., England, Germany, Italy, Malta, Spain,Centralwings fly to the main European airports and (in the summer) to the destinations where other low cost airlines do not. All the airports Centralwings use have a ground navigation support systems and navigation aids and are supported by highly professional flight control services,linie lotnicze, tanie linie, tanie bilety, bilety lotnicze, tanie loty, tanie przeloty.

Flights between Spain (home base barcelona) and Czech Rep., France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland clickair’s strategic plan provides for a total of 70 routes to 55 Spanish and European cities by the end of 2008, when all 30 above-mentioned aircraft are fully operational. a thorough study of the market potential of routes to Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean area will be carried out.

Flights between Netherlands and Turkey,Main flight destinations are amsterdam, Eindhoven, brussells, Paris, Strasbourg, Marseille, Rome, Tirana, Tel-aviv. Full charter, aCMI and wet lease operations have a major share in company operations and these operations have been performed in more than 50 countries and 150 cities around the world.

Fly Dba
Flights within Germany (home base) and from Germany to France, Spain,based in Munchen, Germany flydba employs 700 people and flies more than 4 million passengers per year. It is the third largest scheduled airline in Germany. An independent airline comparison study conducted by Stiftung Warentest in February 2005 awarded dba the highest score.Now is airberlin

German Wings
Flights within Germany and from Germany (home base Cologne) to austria, Czech Republic, England, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey Germanwings, German wings,günstig, günstigflug, günstiger Flug preiswerter, Flug, Fluganbieter, Flugbuchen, Flugbuchung, buchen, fliegen, urlaub, Köln bonn anschlussverbindungen.

Helvetic airways
Flights between Switzerland (home base Zurich) and austria, belgium, Spain
Flug, Flugtickets online buchen - FliegenFliegen Sie nach Italien und Spanien. Einfache Online-buchung, schneller Check-in, vorzüglicher Service und Komfort an bord.

Iceland Express
Flights between Iceland (home base) and Denmark, England
Cheap flights to Iceland every day with Iceland's ...Iceland Express is Iceland's low fare airline. book online to get cheap flights to Iceland from the UK, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Norway.

Flights between austria (home base Wien) and France, Italy, Switzerland

Flights between England (home base Leeds-bradford) and France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain .
book cheap flights  the low cost airline to European destinations including Spain,canary Islands, France, Germany, Cyprus, Crete and Italy.

Flights within Italy (home base Florence) and from Italy to England, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain.
Compagnia aerea con tariffe a basso costo per i voli nazionali.

Monarch airlines
Flights between England (home base London-Luton) and Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain.
Cheap Flights Monarch airlines offer cheap flights to a wide range of popular European holiday destinations such as London, Majorca and barcelona.

My Travel Lite
Flights between England (home base) and France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland.
book cheap flights at Cheap one way flights , return flights  all taxes included. MyTravellite are bonded offering you security unlike other low cost flights.

Myair - My Way airlines
Flights within Italy and between Italy (home base) and France, Romania and Spain.
Fly all over Italy and Europe at sensational prices Events in myair destinations. book your flight. Round trip One way ... myair for travel agencies. myair tour operator ...

Nordic airlink
Flights between Sweden (home base Stockholm) and Norway.
FlyNordic ett flygbolag med billiga flygresorVänligen vänta... Vänligen vänta... Vänligen vänta... FRÅN. Välj avreseort, Malaga, alicante, Stockholm arlanda, belgrad, bordeaux, Köpenhamn, Dubrovnik ...

Norwegian air Shuttle
Flights within Norway (home base) and from Norway to England, Portugal, Spain
Find the lowest airfares to and from Norway

Pegasus airlines
Flights within Turkey and Turkey - Germany v.v.
350000 free flight offer with Pegasus airlines... Start Planning Your Summer Fun With Pegasus Now.

Flights between England (home base London-Stansted) and austria, belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden
book your cheap flight,The low Fares airline. Ryanair offers cheap flight to over 137 destinations throughout Europe. book your cheap ryanair flights on

Flights between Sweden (home base) and bosnia, Croatia
Scandjet Low cost tickets to Croatia Scandjet is your low cost airline to to Croatia. on-line tickets to Pula, Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb, Zadar, Sarajevo.

Flights between Slovakia (home base bratislava) and Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland
SkyEurope, Central Europe's first low cost low fare airline

Smart Wings
Flights between Czech Republic (home base Prague) and Denmark, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland
Smart Wings opens up regular flights from budapest to Dubai

SnowFlake airlines
Flights from Denmark (home base Copenhagen) and Sweden (home base Stockholm) to Czech Rep., France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Turkey
Scandinavian airlines - book cheap flight tickets on scheduled SaS offers cheap flights to Scandinavia, Europe, asia and North america. book your flights or flight tickets today on

Flights between Denmark (home base Copenhagen) and France, Greece, Italy, Madeira, Norway, Spain, Sweden
Skandinavia's first low-cost airline

Sun Express
Flights between Turkey (home base antalya) and austria, Germany, Switzerland
SunExpress der Ferienfliger in das Urlaubsland Türkei, antalya und alanya, Flight Routes ThomsonFly Flights between England (home base Coventry) and France, Italy, Jersey, Spain

Transavia - book your tickets with Transavia you can book cheap flights in 5 easy steps, cheap tickets to the Mediterranean, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece.

Cheap flights to Spain, Italy , Germany, austria, Sweden, France, Ireland and Croatia with for the price of a smile.

Virgin Express
Flights between belgium (home base brussels) and Denmark, England, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

VLM airlines
Flights between belgium (home base) and England, Germany, Guernsey, Italy, Jersey, Luxembourg and Netherlands.
VLM airlines, the business airline that focusses on flying to regional airports, located close to city centres. Flights to London City airport , with daily ...
business flights to amsterdam from London (London City airport).Provide a service of 4 flights every weekday.

Vueling airlines
Flights within Spain (home base) and from Spain to brussels, Paris Vueling - Cheap tickets, hotel deals, rental car Vueling airlines is one of the fastest growing low cost airlines in Europe. Offers cheap flights among european capitals.
Wizz air
Flights from Hungary (home base budapest) and Poland (home base Katowice) to Czech Rep., England, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden
Wizz air, the largest low cost airline based in CEE recently announced a series of developments from its bases in Hungary and Poland.
The airline will increase frequencies on most of its current routes, add Goteborg, Oslo-Torp and Venice-Treviso to its budapest network and reintroduce the popular summer seasonal flights to bulgaria (bourgas and Varna), Spain (barcelona-Girona and Palma de Mallorca) and Greece (Corfu, Rhodes and Heraklion).

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