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american pension plan,american employment insurance,american income taxes,american rent taxes ,tributary and work obligations in Usa, employment insurance  in Usa, maintenance plan  in Usa,workers income taxes  in Usa, income taxes  in Usa, federal  taxes in Usa

Entrance taxes, employment insurance and pensions

Declaring and paying taxes correctly is what every foreign citizen must learn how to do, because it will allow them to access to a series of benefits given by the different States, which can be public services or unemployment insurances, and ensuring a dignified old age needs to establish a savings plan or a Pension plan.



In the United States of america, every citizen or foreign resident knows that it is a patriotic duty to declare and pay their taxes, which at the same time, gives them the right to demand a good public service provision from the Government.

Taxes might have local character (which varies from city to city around the 3 and 12 %), State (not every State has them), or Federal (they have a national field and it means approximately 30% of the income) and it affects every type of income that the citizen or resident obtains.

The declaration and payment of the taxes is performed every year on april the 15th ant midnight. If you ask for an extend, the payment of your taxes will include interests.

american pension plan,american employment insurance,american income taxes,american rent taxes ,tributary and work obligations in Usa, employment insurance  in Usa, maintenance plan  in Usa,workers income taxes  in Usa, income taxes  in Usa, federal  taxes in Usa

The State institution in charge of the reception and collection of the taxes is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) which depends of the Treasure Department of the United States of america.

because of the system characteristics, it is always necessary to hire a Certified Public accountant (CPa, which is a professional accountant habilitated as an auditor by the american Institute of Certified Public accountants) or a Tax Lawyer, who will not only prepare the tax declaration, but who will also represent the contributor before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if it is necessary.

Not all the immigrants pay taxes, because it depends on the type of visa they have got. For the declaration, they need to point out the number of their social security card, in case you do not have it and you are forced to declare your taxes, you can request an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to the International Revenue Service (IRS).

In most cases, your employer is the one who deduces and holds your taxes, and later, he or she will give you a form which contains your income and the taxes he or she held the year before, which must be enclosed to the tax declaration presented to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

When someone loses their job, they can hold themselves to the Unemployment Insurance (UI), which is a program that provides economic help, which is related to the salary of the person, while he or she looks for a new job. It is necessary to have from 12 to 18 months of work and a social security card to access to this privilege. The procedure takes approximately 3 weeks. It is presented to the Unemployment Insurance agency which is located in every state.

Getting ready to the stage after retirement, means that every person has to decide whether to save or not now, in the present, designing their own Pension Plant, choosing among two types of plans, the IRa and the 401 – k.

The IRa Pensions Plan or Individual Retirement account is an account which allows saving for retirement and there are two types of it. The first type is the Traditional IRa and the other one, is the ROTH. To choose which one suits better our lifestyle, we need to be advised which can be obtained in any bank, insurance company or financial enterprise.

- The Traditional IRa account allows using the contributions that are made to reduce the payment of taxes and their profits pay taxes from the moment in which you start receiving your retirement pension.
- The ROTH account does not allow the contributions to deduct taxes and their profits are not hold to the payment of any tax. In this type of pension plan, you can retire your money before retiring if you fulfill certain requirements.

The 401 – k Pensions Plan is given by your own employer and consists in him or her retaining a percentage of your salary, which is decided by you (as a maximum, during the year they can hold up to 15 000 dollars) and, at the same time, the employer contributes with an amount which can reach up to a 100% of your contribution. The advantage of this plan, is that it allows you to pay less taxes in the present time, because it translates it to the moment in which you start receiving your retirement pension, but in a smaller amount. This plan is manages by a financial company, which invests your money and this allows your pension fund to increase.

Summing up, we can point out that paying taxes and saving, allows every citizen or foreign resident in the United States of america to receive efficient public services, accessing to unemployment economic help and, also, accessing to profitable pensions funds.


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