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best condolence examples

condolence examples,condolence phrases,words of condolence,how to express condolences,condolence phrases to express your sympathy

Words to offer condolences :
When a loved one dies, he/she goes to a better world, hoping that his/her family and friends do not suffer for him/her, because the time has come for his/her eternal rest, which is not a reason to be sad, but to be happy.


He/She will not suffer any longer in this world. It is hard to face a situation like this one, but we must be strong and know that life goes on. The world we live in is ours for a while, we are just passing through, then we will have to leave, however, many of us find it hard to understand this.

In this section of the web we are leaving you some messages that we hope you can share with your friends in need. A message of sympathy is always comforting to someone who is feeling sad.

Free words expressing condolences  :

:: “My condolences on the alleged death of our good friend. We will always remember him and we will always try to be happy whether in this world or in the other”.
Category : Condolences words

:: “We are all very sad about this great loss. I am sending my condolences to every family member during these times of grief”.
Category : Condolences words

:: “I do not blame you for being sad, but you should cheer up, life goes on and now our friend is resting in peace. I send my condolences to everyone”.
Category : Condolences words

basic condolence phrases,phrases to express condolences,hrases to give condolences

:: “My heartfelt condolences to all family and friends of who in life was (name of the deceased), may God protect him/her in his glory. Life goes on and we all must go with it”.
Category : Condolences words


:: “We must remain strong now that we are going through these hard times. I am sending my most sincere condolences. Let’s pray to God to make him illuminate the path of our great friend, a friend who we will never forget”..
Category : Condolences words

:: “We are just a leaf carried by the wind on this great journey called life. Our friend now rests in heaven, he has passed into another world and we must let him go undisturbed. I send my heartfelt condolences to every family member and friends”.
Category : Condolences words

:: “My most sincere condolences to all the loved ones of our friend (name of deceased). The day when we will all meet again with him and feel the great joy to see him again will come”.
Category : Condolences words

:: “My condolences to everyone, I am very sorry for the death of this beautiful person. God will rest his/her soul and fill him/her with blessings. You can count on me on anything you need”.
Category : Condolences words

:: “My condolences. Everything has been so sudden that I know that it will be hard to forget such a good friend, but he is better now, next to God, our creator”.
Category : Condolences words

:: “My sincere condolences to all the family and friends of such an extraordinary person. God bless his/her home and soul now that he/she is in heaven”.
Category : Condolences words

You must never hesitate on giving your condolences to the relatives of the deceased, they will feel glad to know that you care about the situation and that whether you were or not good friend, you will always support them.

Remember that we have many more phrases on our web which you can use to send them to your friends, either on important occasions or just because you feel like doing it. Come back soon, we update the web every week. We will be waiting for you!


condolence examples,condolence phrases,words of condolence,how to express condolences,condolence phrases to express your sympathy,basic condolence phrases,phrases to express condolences,hrases to give condolences

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