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what is mp4,free full mp4 albums,mp4 music free download,mp4 music free download,definition of mp4,what is mp4,mp4 encoders,mp4 audio codec,mp4 compression algorithm,where to download mp4 music,what is mp4 encoding,mp4 recordings


QuickTime is a new multimedia standard architecture that has been created by Apple and which consists in a series of stored libraries; it also counts with a multimedia player, which is compatible with the different compression formats of the MPEG type.

This system is included in the Macintosh operative system and is used by most of MAC’s executions, which has two versions such as the PRO version, which adds diverse functionalities such as video edition and codification for several formats such as AVI, MOV, MP4, and MP3. Besides, it includes the possibility of been able to record audio and video through a microphone that is plugged to the PC and also to some external webcam.

Apple assures that its program, QuickTime, is not only a player, but a whole multimedia system which is able to play and transmit high quality contents through the Internet and also to other devices, thanks to this, it has been named the “Edition Swiss Army Knife”.

The new tendencies that Apple has introduced in QuickTime is the new MPEG – 4 technology, which is able of transmitting and playing high definition video, with this, Apple has launched its new Codec named H. 264, also known as AVC (Advanced Video Coding), through this codec, playing superior contents is possible, contents of the standard of DVD, DIVX and other high quality formats.

what is mp4,free full mp4 albums,mp4 music free download,mp4 music free download,definition of mp4,what is mp4,mp4 encoders,mp4 audio codec,mp4 compression algorithm,where to download mp4 music,what is mp4 encoding,mp4 recordings

The latest version of this player is designed to be able to create some special content to be able to transmit it to mobile phones, radio diffusion or the Internet, but it can also be added to some software development, which could move forward to the next technological level, because it has a solid base and a series of innovative characteristics that place it at the vanguard of the multimedia players.

It also has a massive multiplatform, because for been a communication media distributor, in QuickTime you can access the different programs and software that Apple has, which are more than 250 digital devices like QuickTime, thousands of multimedia CDS, which will make your music experience to go beyond and it also counts with more than 250 000 Web sites, which avoids you having to look in other media and the best of all, is that you can have at your disposal the biggest multimedia library with multimedia contents and a guarantee ensured.

The QuickTime’s interface is simple and very intuitive, because it has no add in other parts and is focused in performing its job, it has at your disposal several characteristics, including the 3GPP & 3GPP2, it also counts with a codec library NTSC / PAL, GIF files and animated GIF, image formats with great resolutions such as JPEG, Photo JPEG and JPEG – 2000, besides from the Quartz Composer composition and many other tools. To be able to obtain it you only have to go to its web site, which is: (, and clicking in download; do not forget that you need, at least, Pentium IV and 128 of RAM memory.


what is quick time,free full quick time albums,quick time music free download,quick time music free download,definition of quick time,what is quick time,quick time encoders,quick time audio codec,quick time compression algorithm,where to download quick time music,what is quick time encoding,quick time recordings

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